The Confessions Code

I share these spots with a mix of pride and hesitation. What you need to understand is that some spots are very secret and kept so by locals who might not like the likes of my blog. Experiencing nature and these spaces with deep respect is so important. Please, I ask with all my heart, follow the Confessions Code.

The Code:

  • Take back with your everything you took into the spot (rubbish and all).
  • Take a spare plastic bag with you and collect any rubbish you do see. This is your gift to the water, land and animals: a thank you for using the space
  • Leave the environment as it is — tread carefully around plant and animal life.
  • Leave fast food behind and chow down on healthy stuff support local businesses AND your body.
  • Respect animal life around you. Be quiet and listen. This is their home, not ours.
  • Leave your tunes at home. Nature sings beautifully alone. Plus it’s not cool to inflict your personal taste in music on everyone else in such a beautiful natural space.
  • Respect the local folks. This is their backyard more or less, so be polite and respectful to those who live in the area
  • Rock jump and rope swing only if you have a death wish. People die regularly on the rocks in these places. Your life is precious to many, so it’s just not worth the risk.
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