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Feel free to drop me a line if you know an amazing spot. The following information is always helpful:

Swimming spot: (name the spot here)

(explain the spot and its features a little more in a paragraph here)

Where: (tell us how far away it is from the nearest major city and what region of which country it’s in)

Getting to the spot: (Let us know if it’s an easy drive or if a train or bus is available and how to find the exact spot in simple directions)

Accommodation: (let us know where we might stay in the area: the kinds of accommodation you know about — cottages, rentals, camping and what kind of camping there is and the facilities you know about)

Facilities: (Tell us if there toilets about or if it is a super-quiet place. Are there shops close by or let us know if have you got a good tip to get supplies from a near by town.)

About the area: (Tell us what you know about how busy or quiet the area is and what else there is to do and see around the place. Is there kayaking, four-weel driving, tourist activities, skiing?)

Nearby known swimming spots: (list nearby spots you know of — and we’d love a separate listing for those too so we can list them and link them!)

Nearby towns: (Please let us know a list of all the nearby towns: we can tag your post with town names so it’s easy for all of us to search for swimming spots in the same driving region)

Images: if you have some!

Email the above information to:

Please submit if you’re happy to offer your contribution for us to publish online or in print.

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