About me and my confessions

IMG_9130I am wired differently to most. I’m obsessed with water. I surf, I road trip and I relish hunting swimming holes.

I do this for love. The best reason to do anything. I don’t want you to buy anything or follow anything… I would like you to enjoy these spaces, and in them, discover more of yourself.

The entries you find here in Confessions were found by stalking, fueled by obsession. I’ve picked apart clues online in forums, websites and social media. I’ve been known to purchase meals in local eateries so I can sweet talk wait staff in order to glean information. I’ve been known to get lost, get found and then get baptised in these incredible places over and over and over again.

So, here I give you my Confessions.

In return, all I ask if that you follow the Confessional Code when visiting these God given places. Respect them, treasure them and, in them, feel the beating of your heart.


Allison Browning — serial bather and writer

Other places you can find me:IMG_6676 2

In my writing nook: I write. Obviously I write about swimming holes but I also write about many other things. If you have a soft spot for
poetry, fiction or stories of all kinds feel free to take a peek at my website. My work has been published in a bundle of incredible places. The website will tell you more.

In my therapy room: I work with people. I’m drawn to human emotions and stories and how our body responds to how we feel. I’m a counsellor/social worker and skin therapist.  I combine a holistic paramedical approach to my work with skin, bodies and emotions. Feel free to check out my therapy space, it’s lovely, really.

At my surf page: I have a women’s surf group in Victoria for women to get together and paddle out while cheering each other on. It’s all about building community. It’s totally free, just a bunch of women who support each other on the waves. Join us on the Facebook page.

Want me to write for your publication or about your location?

If you want to employ me and take me traveling to your amazing destination/accommodation/spa or publication do be in touch!



7 Responses “About me and my confessions” →
  1. nice work 🙂 im a bit obsessed with swimming holes too. Im originally from the southern highlands of nsw n was truly blessed to have so many places to swim there. next time I go back down will visit as many of these places as I can and send you pics and details. Keep up the good work

    Brad Crowe


    • allison browning

      January 21, 2014

      Thanks Brad! I’m a bit behind with uploading some older ones I’ve visited in the NT. I would LOVE you to contribute. This poor blog gets neglected at times but it has a dear place in my heart!

  2. Hey Allison! Can I ask for your recommendation for the best spot near Byron? Do you know of anything dog-friendly?


    • allison browning

      November 14, 2015

      Hi Lauren, you’ll have a problem with your pooch only in national parks from what I understand. Other than that I think dogs are okay unless there’s signage otherwise. Obviously be aware of other small animals potentially about. I’m hoping to update a couple more places over the weekend. Whian Whian falls is beautiful. Check out the other listings around Byron though that I’ve popped up. x

  3. Hi Allison.
    What a great blog. I think your Confessions Code is fantastic! I wish more people would follow this.

    Any chance you could put up a map of spots? There are a few ways to do it. See http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/get-creative-and-make-your-own-maps-with-custom-layers-on-the-new-google-maps/ and http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/7-ways-to-make-a-google-map-using-google-spreadsheet-data/.

    Also, could you mention which places nude bathing is allowed or secluded enough that it’s probably okay?


    • allison browning

      February 5, 2016

      Hi Dan, I’ll take a look at the maps. That would be a good addition. If only this were my paid work I’d have time to add the 31 listings I have on the to-do list and to make it awesome. Alas, it’s a hobby for now. As for nude bathing that’s something I think you need to decide yourself. Some spots may be utterly isolated on weekdays where they may be busy on weekends. I feel it’s important to ensure you are alone when making those decisions as everyone has varying levels of comfort around nudity and these are still open spaces. There was one place I wanted to visit in NSW but thankfully I was given the heads up that it was a sexualised place, a beat of sorts. Nothing wrong with a cheeky solo skinny dip but I think you need to gauge those things personally as you go so you feel safe and anyone that might come along will feel safe too.


    • allison browning

      February 6, 2016

      Dan, the map is now up! Thanks for the suggestion


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