Wappa Falls, Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Posted on November 14, 2015


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Before dip and after dip


Initially I’d planned on staying at Noosa for this particular trip. I had surfing on the brain and the world renowned Ti-Tree Beach is in the Noosa National park. The plan was to head there, where the hype was around the waves. Thankfully, as life panned out, in listening to the wisdom within, I planted myself inland, in Yandina. Noosa was still close but far enough away that the maddening crowds were nowhere near me. School holidays are definitely not the time to be in Noosa (drop in but don’t stay!). It is, however, the perfect time to be in Yandina, which is exactly where Wappa Falls are.

I was staying on the same road as this sweet little spot. I’d found a stunning place on Air BnB, a room in a house on a big property. I was surrounded by bush and animals and I was in heaven.

Wappa falls isn’t heavily populated. I went there twice and each time I only saw a couple of other people. It’s a beautiful deep swimming hole but rumour has it that when the waters are really flowing you do need to be careful. Someone told me they heard someone lost a dog in waters there. It’s to do with the way the strong flow pulls downward when the waters are really roaring. There was a memorial plaque for a child who’d died there too. Sadly many of these places have been privy to death. Too often kids hurl themselves off rocks, backflipping in ways I can hardly bear to watch.

But all was tranquil in my time at the Falls. The water way a touch icy on the modest 23 degree day but so worth it! There’s was plenty of rocks and space to lie out on. Basking between dips is all part of the process. 

On my last day in the region I made sure I came back to say goodbye to the place. It was 7am, I’d barely slept. I’d been hunting out more swimming spots in the Byron Bay region, which was where I was headed next. I may have been bleary eyed but it was so beautiful in the early morning light and I had it all to myself to sit and meditate for a moment.

I eventually headed back to the car, my stomach rumbling. Being a nifty traveller, I had food supplies in the back of the car. I decided to mix some cocoa into the last of my soy milk and create a breakfast shake in the car park. A messy job but so deliciously worth it. Cocoa went all over my feet but I was content as I shook the container up while drinking in the early morning air. I chugged own the shake, and picked up some car park rubbish. Then, sated, I buckled myself into the car ready and checked the rear view mirror as I wen to reverse to find one very chocolate covered face.


Anyhow, enjoy this spot and your own chocolate soy shake!  And please don’t forget the Confessions Code.

Getting there: If you have a GPS then it’s as simple and putting in Wappa Falls Road and following your way to Pump Station road, which is the tiny dead end road that Wappa Falls is on. It’s just 10 mins from Yandina Village.

Where to stay: There’s so much around here. Towns on the Sunshine Coast are generally close together. Coolum, on the coast, is just 20 mins from Yandina. Noosa isn’t far and then there’s beautiful little towns like Montville and Maleny also. Take your pick! Yandina itself has it’s own caravan park if you want nature on a budget. There’s so many bed and breakfast places and there’s plenty of commercial accommodation along the coast.

Facilities: None – no toilets. However, just a short walk down a track or a 2 min drive further along Wappa Falls road will take you to the dam car park where there are toilets from memory.

About the area: Experience stunning hinterland not far from the ocean. Everything is close if you have a car.

Nearby known swimming spots: Kondalilla National Park Falls, Gardner’s Falls, Spots at Connondale National Park, Buderim Forrest Park.

Nearby towns: Montville, Maleney, Noosa, Coolum – the whole of the Sunshine Coast is close!