Tehuti Falls, Northern NSW, Australia

Posted on November 14, 2015


IMG_9722IMG_9577IMG_9556IMG_9557IMG_9559 IMG_9565IMG_9724Watch your step. This harmless one was curled up into a rock.IMG_9565 IMG_9590IMG_9589IMG_9654IMG_9665IMG_9706IMG_9708IMG_9707

This place isn’t easy to find. Number 874 is right before the sharp turn to the right. You’ll need to keep driving until you see a tiny pull over spot to your left where there may be some cars parked.


Just ahead of where that white car is parked you’ll see the little path leading down to the spot.

The spot:

I become I bit scary when I decide I’m going to find a new place. First I become bug eyed and I trawl the internet, punching in key words, sifting through posts on forums. I am obsessive. There have been times I’ve stayed up in the wee hours at a holiday location making notes and trying to find clearer directions until my head feels like it’s going to pop. It was during one of those times that I found Tehuti Falls among a bunch of others on my travels in QLD and Northern NSW.

I’d just spent the middle of the day at Whian Whian falls and I figured Tehuti Falls couldn’t be too far away. I arrived here toward the end of the day and kept doubting myself. Had I gone past it? Would I actually ever find this place? I won though. I always do. Sheer pig-headed determination go me to this sweet little spot.

To make it easier on you I took photos of letter boxes so you sort of know if you’ve gone too far. It’s often part of the bliss of the hunt for me though. All those question marks, the not knowing, feeling like I may as well have my own ship, like I’m discovering new lands.

When I arrived here there was only an older local bloke with two teens. He told me he’s spotted platypus in the top basin of Tehuti. I didn’t see any but then the sun was lowering and, on this occasion, my attention was on dunking my body into the main basin below the falls.

The place has a rocky bank where you can plant yourself down and chill for a while. Keep an eye out for any fellow beings. One of the teen there gave me the heads up not to step on the large python bunched up by a rock. Said python was happy to stay put and take in the warmth of the rocks, much like me.

Enjoy this little slice of paradise. And please don’t forget the Confessions Code.

Getting there: Expect to feel like you have no idea where you’re going, basically. I stopped the car several times along the way hoping to see water or any sign. It’s in a really unexpected place.

So, what you want to do is head to The Channon and follow Terania Creek Road north for about 9.5ks. You’ll find there’s a sharp right  turn and then not long after that, after the road bends right around, there’s just a tiny little spot where three cars might fit at the side of the road (see the photos). In the directions I was given, if you hit a left hair pin bend then you’ve gone too far.

Park your car and follow the tiny path down the slope.

Accommodation: I was staying in Byron Bay but Mullumbimby is close and located in the hinterland. Lismore and Ballina are not far.

Facilities: None. Hidden away — total nature!

About the area: The closest popular holiday town is Byron Bay. Byron Bay offers relaxed vibe, surfers mixed with hippies mixed with the average Joe. Byron Bay is home to stunning beaches and a very relaxed lifestyle.

Nearby known swimming spots: Really quite close is Whian Whian Falls. In the general area of NSW is: Hanging Rock Falls in Nimbin, Dalwood Falls, Tosha Falls, Killen Falls. Check out the other spots in the menu listed under NSW in Australia.

Nearby towns: Nimbin, Lismore, Mullumbimby, Lennox Head, Ballina.