Buderim Forrest Park Swimming Hole, Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Posted on November 14, 2015



The main pool


The little spot I found off track above the main pool

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Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.44.16 amIMG_9471

The fence to leap over at one side of the bridge to go off track IMG_9265

IMG_9243 IMG_9255 The walk ways leading to the parkIMG_9256

The spot:

What I love about this region is that you can jump in your 4WD and be surrounded by trees one moment or whip out your surfboard the next. Hinterland and coast are cosy neighbours. There’s plenty of places to camp and plenty of bed and breakfast spots while hotels and more commercial accommodation line the coast. Between sea and trees you’ll feel yourself breathing deeply again.

It was only about 22 or 24 degrees on the day I visited Buderim Park but what I love about being north is that the air feels tropical. The temperature was just enough to get me into the water. I’ve made it part of the rules to get baptised wherever I find a spot. Tasmania in winter was my only exception.  When It’s less than ten degrees and the water feels like ice you can break rules, I figure. On that occasion, I just drooled at the crystal blue water and promised the water that I’d be back to visit it in summer).

At Buderim Park the main pool is an easy short-ish walk. The pool isn’t super deep but it’s enough to have a little swim. Definitely no rock jumpers here, it’s too shallow for that. It’s more of a nook of a spot than a huge gorge. If you want to find a quiet little pocket of fern and rock after you swim then you might want to be cheeky and dart over the waist-high fence to the side of the overhead walk bridge (pictured) and wander up to where there’s other tiny falls and plenty of rocky spots to relax.

Enjoy this place! And please don’t forget the Confessions Code

Getting there: Well marked on tourist maps, Buderim is easy to get to and not off the beaten track. The Forrest Park is just 1km from Buderim Village. The park has  a asphalt carpark and toilets as you arrive but not closer to the water so pee before you wander in. There are two ways to get into the Falls. The lower entry is off Lindsay Road, onHarry’s Lane. There’s another entry at Quorum Close. Each entry gives you a beautiful walk to the falls. Easy access for all cars in this spot! Note: this spot does have a marked walkway in half of the way but still won’t be suitable for prams. You do need to take some rocky walkways the rest of the way.

Sleep: Stay coastal or in the hinterland, it’s all so close! I stayed in Yandina, north of Buderim at a place from Air BnB and I found I could easily get to busy Noosa or surf at Coolum Beach or head south and inland. No matter where you stay, so much is accessible and close. The beautiful hinterland towns are lovely and most will be about 20mins to the beach.

Facilities: The’s a loo as you arrive so pee before you wander into the ferny wonderland.

About the area: There’s so much to explore around the area. Budderim is close to the coast and all around the place is beautiful hinterland and surf. Jump in the car and explore both surf and bush.

Nearby towns: Maleny, Montville, Coolum, Mapleton, Cedarton, Mooloolaba, Yandina, Caloundra.

Nearby known swimming spots: Connondale National Park, Wappa Falls, Gardner’s Falls, Kondalilla Falls. If you’re headed south then check out the spots listed not too far away in Northern NSW.