River in Lanquin, Guatemala

Posted on January 28, 2014



Bucket List Post

I’ve not been here myself but my mate Kristen has. The Swimming spot is located in Guatemala at a place called Semuc Champey. My friend Kristen says it’s actually the river that runs along the town you stay in outside of Semuc. Kristen stayed at Zephyr Lodge and says it had incredible views and looked like Jurassic Park.

Usually I’d write all sorts of detail but this place is just one for my bucket list.

Here are some words from Kristen:

 “This place was actually one of the best places I’ve been too. Not too populated or known yet. Lanquin, the town you stay in, has 2-3 awesome hostels, either on the river, or overlooking the river and pasture lands. Stunning place. It’s a bit of a journey to get to Lanquin. We payed for a shuttle bus with a group of tourists… it’s the safest way. Totally worth it when you get there though.”

Nearby swimming spots: Semus Champey

Please use the Confessions Code before you visit.

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