Blue Lake, Plenty Gorge Park, Victoria, Australia

Posted on January 28, 2014






Swimming Spot: Blue Lake in Plenty Gorge Park

Where: Plenty, Victoria Australia

Getting to the spot: 

It’s fairly easy to GPS. Memorial Drive will take you up to Plenty Gore Park. You follow the small signs to Yellow Gum Recreation Area. It’s gravel roads and you’ll park by the blocked off road that leads down to the river. Walk down the gravel road it’s a mild downhill walk and leads right to the gorge. There is another entry point also at the other end of the gorge.

About the spot:

This beautiful place was an old quarry. It’s flanked by fairly sheer rock on one side and by trees at the other. At each end of the oval shaped gorge there is space to lay down a picnic rug.  It’s all nature here. You won’t hear the buzz of traffic or anything but birds. Some swimmers brought a ghetto blaster with them and thankfully they switched it off. The sound of the birds and cicadas are too lovely.


It’s only a half hour from the city so if you were staying in Melbourne and had a car you can easily make a half day or day of it.

Nearby known swimming spots:


Please read the Confessions Code of Conduct before visiting Blue Lake. It’s super important!