Killen Falls, Northern NSW, Australia

Posted on May 29, 2013



View from the top












Swimming Spot: Killeen Falls (near Byron Bay), Northern NSW, Australia


Northern New South Wales, about 20 minutes from Byron Bay.

Getting to the spot: From Byron Bay you can take the Pacific Hwy then turn right into Brooklet Road (in Newrybar). Brooklet Road very quickly veers right, it looks like another road entirely so watch out for this. Follow Brooklet Road and turn left onto Friday Hutt Road then turn left into Killen Falls Drive (a dead end road). Killeen Falls Car Park is at the end of the road.

A track will lead you to the top of the falls. The actual path to the falls is fenced off you’ll see that the wire in the fence is bent down. This entry point is just as the path curves to hit the top of the falls. You’ll see a natural walking trail where people have jumped the fence. Follow the trail down to the bottom of the incline and you’ll hit the creek. Follow the creek to your right back toward the falls and you’ll find yourself at the basin.

About the spot:

The basin isn’t really deep but it’s deep enough for swimming in the middle. This spot is best visited after some rain so it’s nice and full. The basin area has flat enough ground to picnic and lay out as you gaze up at trees and ferns.


There is plenty of accommodation from camping to five star in Byron Bay.


None, you’re in nature!

About the area:

Killeen Falls is located close to the Emigrant Creek Dam (there is a walking path, just 200m to the dam) in the farming area near Newrybar. Byron Bay is close by and offers a relaxed vibe, surfers mixed with hippies mixed with the average Joe. Byron Bay is home to stunning beaches and a very relaxed lifestyle.

Nearby known swimming spots:

Hanging Rock Falls in Nimbin (aprox 1 hour away), Dalwood Falls (aprox 20 mins away), Marom Falls. Ti Tree Lake in Byron Bay. Tosha Falls,

There are also falls in NSW Tootlam Falls (North eastern NSW), Gloucester Falls (Barrington tops NSW), Problem Creek Falls at Frying Pan Rd Barrington (closer to Gold Coast)

Nearby towns:

Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Mullumbimby, Lemmox Head, Nimbin

What is awesome about this spot:

It’s quiet and perfect for sit in peace for a while. The basin isn’t as deep as many others (not while I was there) but it’s incredibly picturesque.