Hanging Rock Falls, Nimbin, Northern NSW, Australia

Posted on May 29, 2013



The track down from the road.












Swimming Spot: Hanging Rock Falls, Nimbin, Northern NSW Australia


Near Nimbin, New South Wales Australia

Getting to the spot:

From Nimbin head North to Nimbin Road, take a right on Stony Creek Road, then take a left on Kyogle Road and soon after you’ll take a Right on the unsealed Williams Road (If you hit the township of Cawongla you’ve gone too far – you can always ask for directions at the Cawongla General Store). Drive a little way and you’ll see a nook of a carpark to your left and a small sign marking Hanging Rock Falls. Park there and then walk down the bushy path to the falls.

To your left you’ll see the creek that you can swim in and to your right the small falls drop into a lovely big basin, which is flanked by granite rock on three sides and on the fourth you’ll see the basin trickly out to form a creek.

About the spot:

There are natural foot holds in the rock so you can safely get in and out of the water. The water is deep and you can jump from the rocks or the huge tree branch that hangs over the water but please be careful. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful bush land.


You’ll be able to find accommodation of all kinds in Nimbin, which is a half hour away from Hanging Rock Falls. Nimbin isn’t for everyone so if you want to be by other swimming spots then Byron Bay is only an hour away and offers a vast lot of accommodation and more swimming holes.


None, no toilets or showers. You’re in the middle of nature!

About the area:

Nimbin is known for it’s ‘alternative’ lifestyle. In Nimbin you’ll find a main street with shops that sell a lot of incense and pipes and such. Nimbin is reputed for it’s dope smoking but also has a reputation for harder drugs.

Nearby known swimming spots:

Dalwood Falls, Marom Falls, Tosha Falls, Killen Falls.

A local woman mentioned that you can swim in the creek just by the Nimbin township. If you follow the main road out south (past the pub) there is a bridge closeby. Park your bay to the left and you can walk down just a little to the creek to swim, she said.

If you go a little further over the bridge you’ll see a candle shop to your right. Park your car here and walk down past the house and down to the creek, where you can apparently swim.

Other Falls in NSW: Tootlam Falls (North eastern NSW), Gloucester Falls (Barrington tops NSW), Problem Creek Falls at Frying Pan Rd Barrington (closer to Gold Coast)

Nearby towns:

Lismore, Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Lennox Head, Ballina, Kyogle.

What is awesome about this spot:

It’s deep and great for a good swim. People do jump off the rocks and old tree branch but this is not recommended as deaths have occurred this way.