Dalwood Falls, Northern NSW, Australia

Posted on May 29, 2013




Road side parking.








Swimming Spot: Dalwood Falls


On land that is classified ‘private’ in Dalwood, Northern NSW

How to get to the spot:

Heading out of Alstonville, take a right off Wardell road and onto Dalwood road. The spot you’re looking for is just a little bit before Victoria Park Road on your left. You’ll pass an animal care business to your right just before you come up to Dalwood falls on your left.

Where you park your car is just a nook with just a sign warning you that the area beyond is private property. You’ll see cars parked here at the side of the road and a low barrier fence with a track leading off beyond.

Follow the track and you’ll find yourself at the top of the falls.

About the spot:

Locals will jump off into the depths or use one of the rope swings. If you want to play it cautious you can keep walking further on as the lesser marked out track takes you downhill and you can clamber down the rocks using tree roots as hand holds to steady yourself. It’s not terribly difficult climb down but not ideal for very small children. Primary school aged locals will jump and climb and swing around the cliffs with ease but always best to be cautious in new territory.


A variety of accommodation is available in nearby Byron Bay, Nimbin and Lismore


None, you are in nature.

About the area:

The closest popular holiday town is Byron Bay. Byron Bay offers relaxed vibe, surfers mixed with hippies mixed with the average Joe. Byron Bay is home to stunning beaches and a very relaxed lifestyle.

Nearby known swimming spots: Hanging Rock Falls in Nimbin (aprox 1 hour away), Dalwood Falls (aprox 10 mins away), Ti Tree Lake in Byron Bay. Tosha Falls, Marom Falls

Falls in NSW Tootlam Falls (North eastern NSW), Gloucester Falls (Barrington tops NSW), Problem Creek Falls at Frying Pan Rd Barrington (closer to Gold Coast)

Nearby towns: Nimbin, Lismore, Mullumbimby, Lennox Head, Ballina.

What is awesome about this spot:

It’s just darned stunning. You do need to scramble down to the basin but once you’re there it’s just breathtaking! The water is deep and the flowing fall is pretty lovely.